�The teaching style of our trainers was very professional; I didn�t think it was possibly to learn so much on one course!� - Merseyside

�I contracted Logika to review our corporate security systems�.within three months we have gone from imperilled to watertight in every aspect.� - Cheshire

�Logika Security has more than fulfilled our security guarding requirements at our various sites over the last twelve months. Their operatives are pleasant, professional and most importantly, proactive.� � Commercial Manufacturer.

�Before Logika covertly investigated, we were losing over �600.00 a week in fuel thefts��..� - Coach & Travel Company.

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�Following your discreet enquiry, we have dispensed with the services of the Executive Director in question, on grounds of dishonesty�.� - Financial Institution Partnership

'I would have no hesitation recommending this company for concierge styled security... their door staff were smart, friendly and discreetly effective throughout�.. - Staffordshire