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About Us

Logika Security Limited is a leading security provider offering an extensive range of security services, solutions and training for corporate and individual clients.

Our team of vetted managers and staff provide a professional service to meet the needs of the most discerning client. At the outset, we enter into a confidentiality arrangement to protect and reassure all parties. From there onwards, it is our policy to establish and maintain a close relationship with our clients on an individual basis. This is critical to ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

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Logika Security Limited has an established ability to provide bespoke training courses. Our services are contracted by small to medium enterprise businesses in the private sector and meet the diverse range of their training needs.

Specific training provision for the security industry focuses around the key skill areas of this sector. These include mandatory training prescribed by the Security Industry Act and it�s enforcing body, the Security Industry Authority.

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Guarding including CCTVs Covert Operations

Guarding including CCTV

Logika Security Ltd protect and guard some of the most prestigious sites in the North West of England. No guarding deployment is too small or too big, as services are adapted to the client�s needs and requirements.

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Covert Operations

Logika Security Ltd have a team of Ex law enforcement officers trained to the highest standards in the covert operations/investigations. That will meet with any private or commercial needs.

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Events Risk Management & Health and Safety


Logika Security Ltd specialise in celebrity/VIP formal events and celebrations. We provide discreet concierge and security services for the more discerning clients, drawing on considerable experience and expertise.

These services are also available for other occasions, including sporting events of any size.

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Risk Management & Health and Safety

Logika Security are fully able and experienced in managing the overall safety at events, which range from relatively small sporting competitions to nationally renowned Flower shows attracting in excess of seventy thousand visitors over a few days.

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Traffic Management Contacts Us

Traffic Management

Logika Security Ltd has a professional expertise in the management of traffic on public highways and within car parking zones. Large public and private events and festivals can attract an abnormal increase in the number of additional vehicles to an otherwise free flowing road network, town or city.

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�The teaching style of our trainers was very professional; I didn�t think it was possibly to learn so much on one course!� - Merseyside

�I contracted Logika to review our corporate security systems�.within three months we have gone from imperilled to watertight in every aspect.� - Cheshire

�Logika Security has more than fulfilled our security guarding requirements at our various sites over the last twelve months. Their operatives are pleasant, professional and most importantly, proactive.� � Commercial Manufacturer.

�Before Logika covertly investigated, we were losing over �600.00 a week in fuel thefts��..� - Coach & Travel Company.

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